EdTech for Reskilling in AI

The promise of AI is real but the talent to build production AI is rare.

In the absence of structured AI education and training, we lack a high-quality talent pipeline to drive and deliver the business value that AI is expected to create globally (USD 13 Trillion by 2030; McKinsey Global Institute). How can we produce the next generation of AI leaders at scale who go on to build a competitive AI ecosystem that accelerates the pace of technological development and generates positive socio-economic outcomes for all?

We are on a mission to create and nurture the talent pipeline that will build production AI. Leveraging our experience of building AI at tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft across USA, India, UK and Germany, we have embarked on an audacious mission to build a scalable technology platform to enable holistic and engaging digital learning starting with a focus on AI skills. Guided by the philosophy enshrined in the National Education Policy 2020 and UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are developing a systematic pedagogical and behavioural framework for online learning inspired by our R&D and industry experience in Neuroscience and AI.

We will launch our pilot industry-focused and outcome-oriented AI course that will be the byword for excellence in AI reskilling in early 2021. Our courses will have an innovative mix of technology-enabled learning strategies and formats and will be open to anyone and everyone who performs well across a series of admission challenges (age and location no bar; no minimum degree requirements).

We are unfazed by tough challenges and dive deep to solve them effectively. Ours’ is a decade-long mission that can deliver massive outcomes for individual learners and society at large. We have previously worked on challenging problems in Neuroscience that advanced our understanding of how the human brain makes sense of sound, time, and stores information in memory, a decade-plus line of work that has resulted in 50+ papers in leading journals and conferences.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Sundeep Teki has built conversational AI at Amazon Alexa in the USA and Swiggy in India. Previously, Sundeep conducted pioneering research in Neuroscience and Cognition as Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow at Oxford and PhD candidate at University College London. His work has been recognized with multiple awards and fellowships including being endorsed by the Royal Society as an ‘Emerging Leader in Neuroscience’. Co-founder and CPO, Dr. Sabine Joseph has worked as a Data Scientist and client-facing AI Consultant at Microsoft and Accenture in Germany, where she led international teams building and delivering commercial AI solutions to drive digital transformation in the EMEA region. Sabine has a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London and has also worked on User Research and Design at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. When we are not nerding out on AI, we like to quiz, surf, skate, dabble in arts and crafts, play racket sports, read and groove to experimental electronic music (enjoy our weekly playlist!).

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